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Be Safe On Ben Nevis !

If you are planning to climb or walk up Ben Nevis, the safety information on this page may be of help to you whilst planning your visit to the mountain.

If you are thinking of attempting the ascent of Ben Nevis, please take the following factors into account: The weather conditions can be atrocious at any time of the year and often bear no relation to the conditions down in the glens. During the winter the mountain is cloaked in snow and ice and in these conditions only mountaineers equipped with ice axes and crampons should attempt the ascent. Winter conditions can occur from October to May. During the summer months the weather can change with alarming speed and a sunny day out can quickly become a confused and disorientated struggle for survival. In anything other than stable and fine weather, you should not attempt the ascent unless:

1 You have full waterproof clothing i.e. jacket and trousers.
2 You have warm clothing - top and bottom.
3 You have a warm hat and gloves or mitts.
4 You have substantial boots.
5 You have a map (scale at least 1:50,000 and preferably 1:25,000).
6 You have a compass.
7 You know you have the ability to navigate accurately in mist and cloud under difficult conditions.

The round trip takes about 7 hours on average: 4 hours for the ascent and 3 hours for the descent. This timing does not allow for rests, food stops etc.

You might like to consider hiring a Ben Nevis mountain guide who will provide all the experience and "comfort factor" you need, for an enjoyable day out on the highest mountain in the UK. Check out our page of mountain guides listed in the Lochaber Business Directory.

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