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Four Seasons at Inchree

Four Seasons at Inchree

Real Cask Ale Guide To Fort William And Lochaber

After climbing or walking up and down Ben Nevis, you might need a great pint of real ale. This page lists some pubs in Fort William that sell real ale

We thought it appropriate, if you were going to walk up and down Ben Nevis - or any of our other superb mountains, you might like to know where to get a good pint of cask conditioned ale Well, this is the right page to find the best pubs in Fort William area who serve high quality, cask conditioned real ale. Orkney Brewery is well known for its fantastic Latitude Ale - a pale, refreshing and hoppy real ale that goes down very well with thirsty walkers and sailors. It's only 3.6 ABV and makes an excellent session ale. Look out for its distinctive pale blue pump clip in the Grog and Gruel and Cobbs Bar in Fort William High Street who both serve cask ales and now regularly stocks a lower ABV session ales for sensible sessions.... In Glen Nevis try The Glen Nevis Restaurant and The Ben Nevis Inn who both stock cask ales. Just south of Fort William at Inchree we believe The Four Seasons stocks cask ales. In Glencoe, the Clachaig Inn stocks cask ales all year round and is a popular watering hole for everyone. If you are in the Banavie / Caol area - by the Caledonian Canal, The Lochy Bar and Restaurant stock IPA Duechars or Caledonian 80/- on cask during the summer months, and it's reported to be very well served to customers who appreciate the effort. We hope to bring you other pubs and Inns who serve quality beers in the area including Witherspoons, so watch this space. When drinking cask conditioned ale - insist on only the best - if your pint is served with condensation dripping down the outside of the glass, then it's far too cold and is not being served properly, and will have lost all the natural flavours which the brewer painstakingly added when he made it.

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