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Loch Shiel Cruises Take A Boat Trip On Loch Shiel

Loch Shiel is a beautiful fresh-water loch stretching west from Glenfinnan to Archaracle. Loch Shiel Cruises do boat trips - you can often see eagles

Loch Shiel is a beautiful fresh-water loch which stretches from Glenfinnan to Acharacle - and almost reaches the sea, but for a short area of land. At the Glenfinnan end the mountains are over 800 metres high which creates a very Highland setting. Further west the mountains give way to flatter land and a more open lanscape.

Loch Shiel Cruises operate from Glenfinnan and provide  day trips on the loch for an interesting and enjoyable day out.  Depending on the trip you choose, you can return to Glenfinnan by bus, operated by Shiel Buses.

On some days of the year in November, the sun sets on the horizon of the loch far into the west.

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