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Drive Sensibly Stay Safe !

If you are planning to drive a car in the Highlands of Scotland - we offer some thoughtful advice to increase you awareness of road safety issues

Driving in the Highlands can be quite different from what you may be accustomed to, so we thought it would be helpful if we pointed out a few very important basics. Afterall, the objective of you coming to visit us is to have a fun time. We want you to be SAFE!

Some parts of the A82, the road from Glasgow to Fort William, require great care and attention with good driving skills. It's a beautiful and scenic journey but it is also a narrow and winding road.  It's important not to be in too much of a hurry or try to overtake when you can't see the way ahead. It's also important that you use lay-bys to pull over if there is a queue of traffic behind you.

For further information on driving in the UK go to

Here's a link to some serious advice about how to stay safe when driving in and around Lochaber



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