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The Piobroch competion

The Piobroch competion

About Highland Games

Highland games are where feats of strength and agility which were practised in the Highlands are demonstrated for visitors and locals.

The first Highland Games are thought to have taken place in Scotland and elsewhere in the world around 1820.  They were supported by George IV and encouraged in part by the romantic revival of tartan and all things Highland by Sir Walter Scott.

One of the first documented games was held in Invergarry in the 1820's and included, amongst other things, dancing, piping, tossing the hammer and twisting the four legs from a cow for which the prize was a fat sheep Royal association with Highland Games began with Queen Victoria's attendance at the Braemar Gathering in 1848 from which there is no record any poor cows being torn apart.

You will find Highland Games in many towns and villages throughout Scotland during the months of July - September.

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