The Underwater Centre Fort William

Diving Centre and Diving courses The Underwater Centre in Fort William, operating since 1972, is the world's leading commercial diver and ROV training centre. We are the only school in the UK to offer all Health and Safety Executive (HSE) approved qualifications in Air and Mixed Gas diver training. We also boast one of the best Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) courses run anywhere in the world.

Our Assistant Life Support Technician (ALST) courses train skilled support staff for the industry. We're the only commercial diving school that offers multi-depth dives right down to 100 metres. Our ROV training includes the opportunity to gain hands-on ROV flying experience in these realistic open-sea conditions. Unlike most other seawater training sites, our sheltered waters allow diving and ROV flying in almost all weathers.

For more details about The Underwater Centre in Fort William Scotland, please contact us by email.

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