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Citizens Advice Bureau

Fort William has a CAB - Citizens Advice Office in the town centre with experienced, confidential advisors willing to help people with personal problems

The Aims of the Citizens Advice Bureau are to ensure that individuals do not suffer through ignorance of their rights and responsibilities of the services available, or through an inability to express their needs effectively. To exercise a responsible influence on the development of social policies, both locally and nationally.

Our objective in Lochaber is to provide an independent, free, confidential and impartial service that is readily accessible by the local community and tailored to meet the needs of the communities.
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 Care in the Community

What CAB does
INFORM people about legislation and how it affects them, about their rights and responsibilities. and about how they may be able to satisfy their needs.
 ADVISE people on the options available to them and on the practical consequences of different courses of action.
 SUPPORT people as they consider and decide what to do - we listen to their concerns and help them move forward to an informed decision.
 ASSIST people in pursuing their chosen course of action by negotiation, representation and by referral to other sources of help if needed.
 INFLUENCE those responsible for policies and servies by bringing to their nolice the problems people experience and recommending changes.
Dudley Road
 Fort William PH33 6JB
 01397 705311
 10-2 Mon - Fri   3-6pm Wed