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Looking for something different ? Try a Hobbit House and have some fun while staying the Fort William area.

We know Lynn and Ian Brown at Invercoe Camping Park by the shore of Loch Leven near Glencoe have several of these unusual but fun holiday accommodation options. They even have little decks to sit out on and enjoy the views. Hobbit Houses might be a better option to a small tent - particularly if the weather isn't so kind or conducive to a fun evening camp.

Hobbit Houses are perfect for two people but can accommodate up to 4. They often have electricity and if on a well managed property, will also have Internet Access. We took these photos of the Invercoe Camping and Caravan Park a couple of summers ago, and were well impressed with the facilities they provide.

We are not aware of any other Hobbit Houses in the Lochaber area at the moment, but if you know of any, please let us know...

Happy camping !
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