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Visit Strontian by Loch Sunart

Strontian village is located on the shore of beautiful Loch Sunart, a sea-loch which cuts deep into the mainland from the Sound of Mull.

The attractive village of Strontian on the shores of Loch Sunart gave its name to the element strontium, which was first discovered in the nearby lead mines in 1790. These now-abandoned mines also produced most of the lead shot used in the Napoleonic wars. Strontian is the largest settlement in these parts and has a post office/petrol station, shops, hotels, cafe/restaurants, crafts and the high school with community library and internet access.

Kilcamb Lodge sits in its own grounds by the shore of Loch Sunart and offers a very comfortable stay with a delightful menu from local produce. The Strontian Hotel is another friendly place for B&B and bar meals, coffees and snacks.

About two miles north of the village is the Ariundle Nature Reserve, which offers a pleasant two-hour nature trail through the glen and a 40-minute forest walk.

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